About Us

About Us

In 2013 two really cool super awesome dudes, Brian and Dennis, were thinking up some real stupid stuff to print on tee shirts. After coming up with some real winners we kicked around starting up our own tee shirt printing company.

A few months later we started throwing some ink on tee shirts and who knew, it actually worked! So after doing a few tee shirt orders for customers we realized we didn't suck.

After kicking around a bunch of names for our cool company Brian came up with what you see on the header, and it stuck! Then in January of 2014 we made the business official. Ever since then we just keep growing as a business and we wanna thank everyone of you who has got us to this point.

So if you looking to get some shirts printed, hats embroidered, promotional products for your golfing fund raiser, or whatever....give us a shout or email and let us help you with your printing needs.

Thank you. 
Brian & Dennis

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